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Graham French


Before shaping miniature masterpieces, Graham French served in the Royal Engineers. He has 30 years of industrial modelmaking experience in producing models for architecture, product design and the film industry. His unwavering commitment to precision and authenticity sets his models apart.

Living in Lincolnshire he is surrounded by a rich tapestry of aviation heritage. Here, the echoes of wartime bombers still resonate and the very soil beneath his feet holds stories of courage, sacrifice and innovation.

Drawing inspiration from the skies above, from the roar of engines to the rivets on a wing, Graham's keen eye captures it all and fuels his passion for accuracy and attention to detail. It's no wonder that Iconicair's models breathe life into these historic aircraft. Graham's creative process is a blend of artistry and meticulous research. He immerses himself in museums, studies photographs and delves into archives. Each model is a labour of love, a tribute to the pilots, engineers and dreamers who shaped aviation history.

​Explore our collection of exquisite scale models kits - from legendary fighters to ground equipment that served the RAF bomber force. Iconicair invites you to experience the thrill of flight, captured in every meticulously crafted detail.

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